I am a blunt tarot card reader, I tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. No tall dark and handsome or loads of cash falling from the sky unless there actually is someone tall dark and handsome throwing handfuls of cash into the air. My readings are accurate and realistic. If you have real questions, real concerns, need reassurance or guidance then I am the tarot reader for you.

I do my readings cold, which means I don’t want any information from you. So please don’t tell me what your question is, or what is going on in your life until after the reading. I want to make sure you know the information I am giving you is from my cards, not something you said. It has more impact when I can tell you things you need to hear without knowing anything about you.

I have been doing tarot card readings under the name Lady M since 1992. I am currently doing readings in my home by appointment only. I am available for tarot parties and corporate events within and around Hamilton, Ontario.

My rates are straight forward – $2 a minute. Most readings seem to be between a ½ hour to 40 minutes. Some readings are more complicated and can take up to 60 minutes; these are usually long term readings.

Short Term Reading
Is for about a two-week time line and I use a 6 card pyramid. This reading is for when you need an answer now about something happening within a few days or weeks.

The Lovers tarot card

The Lovers

Mid Term Reading
Is a 10 card reading that covers questions that fall between timelines that are more than a month up to a year.

Ace of Coins Dragon Tarot card

Ace of Coins

Long Term Reading
Is for about two-years time line and I use the 10 cards Celtic Cross. This reading is for when you want to know what is going to happen in the next few years.

The sun dragon tarot card

The Sun